Allowance and approve

This is an example demonstrating how to use the Allbridge Core SDK to check the allowance and create an approval.

if (
  // check if tokens already approved
  await sdk.bridge.checkAllowance({
    token: sourceTokenInfo,
    owner: fromAddress,
    gasFeePaymentMethod: gasFeePaymentMethod,
    amount: totalAmountFloat,
) {
  console.log("The granted allowance is enough for the transaction");
} else {
  console.log("The granted allowance is NOT enough for the transaction");

Full example

To make approve transaction

  // authorize the bridge to transfer tokens from the sender's address
  const rawTransactionApprove = await sdk.bridge.rawTxBuilder.approve({
    token: sourceTokenInfo,
    owner: fromAddress,
  const approveTxReceipt = await sendRawTransaction(rawTransactionApprove as  as RawEvmTransaction);
  console.log("approve tx id:", approveTxReceipt.transactionHash);

Full example paying fee with stables

Full example paying fee with native token

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