How does Allbridge Core work?

Allbridge Core

Allbridge Core offers a native stablecoin bridging experience, enabling seamless cross-chain swaps between EVM and non-EVM blockchains.

Supported Blockchains

Currently, Core supports the following blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, Solana (coming soon).

Supported Tokens

Core supports only native stablecoins.
BNB Chain

Types of Allbridge Core transfers

Single-chain swaps

Enables users to swap assets on the same chain, provided there are at least two supported assets on the same chain, i.e., swapping Ethereum USDT to Ethereum USDC.

Cross-chain swaps

Once the transaction is initiated, assets are swapped on the Source chain to the virtual value transfer tokens. These tokens transfer the information via the selected messaging protocol. When the message arrives, it triggers the contract on the Destination chain, and the virtual tokens are swapped into the desired asset.

Gas tokens transfers (coming soon)

Allbridge Core will provide an option to convert some part of the transferred amount into the gas token.

Messaging protocols

Allbridge Core is built on top of multiple messaging protocols, offering wider blockchain coverage:
  • Wormhole messaging powers transfers between Solana, Ethereum, and BNB Chain.
  • Allbridge messaging is used for cross-chain swaps between Tron and other non-EVM chains.
More details are available here.

Security layers

  • Currently only standard transfers are supported
  • Password-protected (coming soon)
  • ZK (Zero-knowledge) (coming soon)

Non-upgradable smart contracts

  • After the bridge is deployed and the initial testing is concluded, the ability to upgrade the contracts will be disabled.
  • Liquidity migration will be akin to Uniswap releases, requiring the liquidity providers to transfer their liquidity to the new version of the bridge.
  • Non-upgradability of contracts contributes to the bridge’s security, removing the malicious intrusions into the transfers as a potential attack vector.